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Use This Amazing Mind Trick To Get Your Ex Back

You can get your ex back, without even trying…want to learn how? Then keep on reading and I will tell you. This technique sort of came to me while I was working out on my treadmill, and it gave me a great idea, a sort of epiphany. You can really trick your mind into getting your ex boyfriend/girlfriend back, and here is how you do it.

A Little Back Ground

In order for you to understand how I came up with this idea, you would have to know a little about my history (I hope this doesn’t bore you too much). I used to have a bad drug addiction (much like your need to get your ex back) when I was in my twenties.

I had to have cocaine more than food, and everyone I went to for help wanted to blame my friends, my family, society…etc. I thought it was the drug, and it was sort of, but it wasn’t the drug that compelled me to get money anyway I could, to buy the drug…it was my mind. Now, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with helping you get your ex back, but be patient, and keep reading…OK?

Why was my mind driving me to do harm to myself? Because after telling myself over and over I need this stuff, (because the withdrawals sucked, just like wanting to get your ex back). I convinced my mind that I had to have it to “survive.” Ah, now this is where your instincts kick in, when they believe you need it to survive (you must need your ex to survive, or you wouldn’t be reading this…right?).

The human body has built in survival instincts, and once you convince them that something is needed to survive, they drive you to get it, at any cost. What if you use this tactic to your own advantage? What if you used your survival instinct, to get your ex boyfriend/girlfriend back?

Awaken Your Survival Instincts to Help Get Your Ex Back

Harness Your Survival Instinct

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Hey, I think about my ex all the time, and it doesn’t do diddle.” Yes, but how do you think about them? Are you worried about them dating, or forgetting about you? If so, then you are not using your survival instinct correctly, and it isn’t going to help get you what is yours, your ex back.

You need to stop the self pity, and break away from your ex altogether. Exchange your worry, for focus…on getting your ex back. Convince yourself that you must do it to survive, and then after a while, your mind will believe you.

After that my friend, you will doing it without even thinking. It will be second nature to do what you need to do, to speed up the process of getting your ex back. Because your mind believes you need your ex to survive.

How can you exchange the mindset you have now…hopelessness, for a aching hunger, and a must have mindset that will drive you to succeed? You need to get some self help books or tapes, which you can find at your local library, and then you need to use them. Use them to erase your doubts and fears, and exchange them for a clear vision of what you want (to get your ex back), and how you are going to get it (a very good plan).

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Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is S. Williams, and I have been helping people since 2008 to overcome break up pain, and get their lives back. I even have an “About” section that I recommend you read. I know the name of my site is: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast, but I teach people how to get their lives back, not their ex’s.

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Until next time,

S. Williams

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  1. sapphire wrote:

    what do you do,do when you have my ex tell me i’m all he’s got or i was all he had,i goofed and suddenly,he behaves like i dont exist.he dont sms or call except i make him curious?

    He needs time to to heal…NC will give you both that time.

  2. what do you do,do when you have my ex tell me i’m all he’s got or i was all he had,i goofed and suddenly,he behaves like i dont exist.he dont sms or call except i make him curious?

  3. @ S. Williams:
    Hey ScottI know alot of people don’t believe in psychics. I wish I hadn’t done that. She said she didn’t see him in my future and he moved on and so should I. I’m going to put this out of my mind and concentrate on my mission. You don’t bvelieve in this stuff do you? It cost me to be depressed and I’m mad at myself so much.I would kick my own butt if I could.HaHa. I will be fine that was only a minor setback I will be back on top of my game like now. Thanks!

  4. @ S. Williams:
    I forgot to add that I told him I was severing all ties with him and we no longer had anything in common but our son. I also said that I never planned on seeing him ever again and I even told his sister to stress that to him and to be sure I meant what I said and she said she would.I said this all out of anger and hurt and I hope so much that I didn’t permantly damage our relationship. He’s a forgiving person though and I hope he understands that I said this out of anger.

  5. @ CHERYL:
    @ S. Williams:
    Hey Scott! I finally got the book and I’ve been reading it and it’s helped alot. I do have a question though. I broke up with my ex through a voicemail[dumb I know] and for many weeks after that I did the dumb move of begging and pleading for him to see me so we could talk. Our youngest son was texting him pleading for him not to leave and telling him of my every move. Things were left kind of badly where he had said not to text or call him anymore because he met someone else and I said a few things to him and it got really blowed out of proportion. In the book it said about finally initiating contact when I was ready I was wondering how could I ever do this when things got kind of ugly there towards the end? I know theres strong feelings between us always but truthfully to contact him is to me kind of scary. I found out that he didn’t move and that is a good sign but I don’t know if I should wait to see if he contacts me first[hopefully] or when I feel ready I should bite the bullet and initiate contact myself. In the past honestly we had our dissagreements and said some mean things here and there[he never ever disrespected me though]and we always found our way back. I’m kind of a shy person and to make the first move,eventhough I broke up with him, really not scares me but kind of freaks me out in a way. I would really appreciate your opinion and since you give excellent advice I will listen and value your opinion. Thanks Scott!!

  6. @ S. Williams:
    Thanks Scott. My son And I went out today[actually he went with me while I had my nails done] and he was really talking to me wholeheartedly. My son really believes that my ex will come back. He told me to just wait it out and he said that he knows that he really loves me. He told me that I was doing a really good job of hanging in there. He told me that he misses him too and that my ex is probably really hurt and angry at me right now. I am going to get that book tomorrow. My son said he’ll go with me and get that book plus many more,he was being funny. Scott, I don’t believe it’s over not by a long shot it’s just very difficult as you know. I have my really really bad moments and I have my good and I’m trying to stay positive. You see I know of our history and our chemistry that we have very very strong feelings for each other. I know he’s in a bad place right now and he’s struggling and I wish so much that he would talk to me but I know he won’t until he is ready. I just feel so horrible about my actions and what I said to him that I want very much to make things right. If I could understand more clearly what his main issue is I would feel so much better but that can only happen when he’s ready. He feels comfortable around me , he knows I love him unconditionally, he definitely is in love with me I know that for certain. While I was out today I ran into his old working buddies. He told me he seen him recently and my ex was talking about me to him. His friend said that he was really depressed when he was talking about me and how he was certain that things was going to work out for us and how devestated he is that I left him. He mentioned to him that I severed all ties with him. His friend said that he looked like he wanted to cry but tried to act tough.He said he was really beaten up about me.That made me feel worse but good kind of at the same time. I hate to hurt anybody but I didn’t mean too. His friend said that maybe we’ll work things out. I asked his friend if he sees him alot and he told me that was the first time in a long time he seen him. His friend reassured me that he definitely was still in love with me but had alot of issues he had to take care of. His friend also said that I was the one he really wanted because I’m everything he’s ever wanted and the love he has for me is so powerful but I hurt him so much. His friend told me to hang in there that he wasn’t about to let me get away. He said my ex was basically licking his wounds and trying to get his job and his health back on top.When I told his friend that I would he was glad. So Scott I’m still going To go get that book,I promise, and follow it step by step.Thank You!

  7. CHERYL wrote:

    I have been using the NC forum

    Do you have the book the Magic of making Up?

    Although the forum lays out a plan to follow NC you need the exercises listed in that book to use while your following the plan in our forum.

    The forum and the book work together hand in hand, one without out the other is a puzzle without all the necessary pieces.

    CHERYL wrote:

    Do you think I still stand a chance even if he did move away?

    This would have no affect on your outcome…but if you feel it is over, then it is over…understand?

    You need to develop good emotional control and I highly recommend you follow the exercises in chapters 1-5 in the book the magic of making up.

    That along with the plan and support in our forum will be more than enough to get your life/ex back again.

  8. @ S. Williams:
    Hey Scott How are you? I have been using the NC forum like I said I have been But today when I was out doing errands I went past my ex’s apartment and it looks like he moved! This is the first time I have been by that way in like 2 months. I had told you that he moved up here to be closer to me and now it looks like he moved back closer to his job. I’m absolutely heartbroken! My son also isn’t working for his sister anymore either. My son changed his mind and didn’t want to work there anymore. He wants a job where he works everyday. I have been using the NC to the T but in my mind it looks almost impossible,Scott. I love him so much and I’m holding onto HOPE but it’s so hard. I’m hoping so much for the best. Do you think I still stand a chance even if he did move away? THANX!!

  9. CHERYL wrote:

    I just wanted to comment on your article and I know you can relate to my ex and say that you have done an awesome job with your life and are there to help everyone out with relationship difficulties and be happy forever.THANX Scott!

    You’re Welcome!

    That’s what this world is all about…people helping people.

  10. Hey Scott. I was reading your article you know just skimming through and I saw where you had a history of drug abuse. My ex also has a history of this too. He’s been clean for 3 1/2 years and so proud. When I firstr broke up with him he later texted me and told me he had a relapse and that was my first thought that he had a drug relapse. I can’t describe the agony I went through I felt it was my fault. I begged and pleaded with him to see me so we could talk and he would’nt answer me. His sister told me that he had a relapse from his Chrone’s Disease. He had told me that our relationship is very important to him and he needed to know I was positive that I wanted it to work. I assured him I did and that’s when he moved up here. He lived about 45 minutes away where he was closer to his job. I realize he’s going through alot right now and theres alot of pressure from alot of aspects in his life. I’m very proud of him for his sobriety and he feels very strongly about remaining that way. I know deep in my heart that he is devestated that I broke up with him and thats why he’s avoiding me but I’m hanging in there and hoping for the best. What I want most is to be able to make amends with his family. I want that very much and pray that this happens. I know he was stressed about that alot. He said he did’nt care what anyone thought but I know he does. His dad and I were very close and was always thrilled when his son and I got back together he thought that there was no other woman for him. I just wanted to comment on your article and I know you can relate to my ex and say that you have done an awesome job with your life and are there to help everyone out with relationship difficulties and be happy forever.THANX Scott!

  11. @ melissa:

    If you have a comment about an article I will answer it on my Blog.

    I don’t answer questions about relationships on my Blog anymore, you have to join the forum. Read the FAQ section to find out how to join our forum.

  12. I’ve been with him for six years and in that long term we have been in on-off relationship,but we always get back together at end.I already try to use the first step how to win my ex back which is sending him a message of apology and he replied me that someday I will find a better person than me.I text him after ne.I text him after 2months we of his friend also told me that he didn’t has any feeling for me anymore and eventhough he breaks up with his new gf won’t ever come back to mistakes is always begging n pleading to him everytime we split he is so tired and get so pissed of my behaviour.what should I do to make him desires and want to come back with me?I love him so much and so desperate to take him back.please help me,thanks

  13. melissa wrote:

    he has no feeling for me anymore or maybe never love me in the first place.

    It sounds like it is time for you to move on. There is a lot of information on my Blog read it, and you can join the forum as well.

  14. No matter what I do ,my ex bf won’t ever come back.he doesn’t want know and care all about me anymore.he doesn’t want anything to do with me contact at all and also he loves his new gf.there’s no chance I can make him want me back because he has no feeling for me anymore or maybe never love me in the first place.

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