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The No Contact Rule – How Does It Help Me Get My Ex Back? Part 3

When Your Ex Comes Fishing For Information Do Not Break No Contact

The no contact rule can help you get your ex back, but, you have to be careful of a few pitfalls, along, the way…what pitfalls?

Well, just keep on reading.

What happens, is you start out doubting, the power of using no contact, to win back your ex, then, it starts to work, and, then, you get excited, right?

This is where, it gets scary, and, you have to keep your head, or, you could blow, the whole thing.



Why Breaking No Contact Will Break Your Heart


You have worked hard, and sent the NC message, and started to work on your own personal evolution, and, then it happens…your ex, tries to contact you…now what?

Well, since you’re in no contact, the right thing to do, would be, to ignore the contact, unless, you have to answer it (shared children, shared financial responsibilities, or own a business together…things like that).

Most of the time, your ex, is just fishing, to see if you’re really serious, about this, no contact, stuff.

You have to show them, you are, and, stick to the plan, why?

Because, using the no contact rule, to get your ex back, takes some time, to work, and, if you rush through it, you will have to start over, again.

It is better to do it right, the first time, then, to have to start all over, again, right?

Then, why do so many people, break NC, too soon?

Because, they are afraid, that if they don’t respond, to their ex’s first contact, attempt, the ex, will give up, for good.

Not true, at all.

They are worried about losing you…that’s why, they are testing, the waters.

If it has been at least 30 days, and, you feel strong enough (emotionally), to proceed, to the reconnection stage, then, go for it.

So to recap…when, no contact starts to work, and, you realize that you might get your ex back, stay calm, and, stick with NC, until YOU KNOW, you’re ready.

Don’t kid yourself, you must be honest with yourself, and, think with your head, not with your heart, if you want to get your ex back, for good.



Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?


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  1. I have been in no contact with my ex for two weeks now (the ex cheated on me). Well today my freaking yahoo account sent all my contacts a message including my ex! He emailed me back and said “Uh…thought you didn’t want to talk to me anymore” He thinks I sent the message! I didn’t answer him back, just ignored his emai…

    So now my NC for two weeks is screwed! All for nothing! I am so pissed! I am back to square one! I was getting my power back. He was showing signs of missing me! Help! I just want to cry….

    1. Hi,

      No – you didn’t break NC.

      If this message went out to all your contacts it had to have been just a general notice, or something like that…right?

      If you had sent him a message on purpose trying to get his attention, or to talk about the breakup, or ask him a personal question about what he has been doing in his personal life (dating) then you would have totally broken NC.

      But you didn’t, right?

      This was a fluke – take him off your contact list, and keep moving forward with your personal evolution.

      You did the right thing by not answering him back, if he keeps trying to contact you – resend the recommended NC message as outlined in the free plan.

      I hope you have been following the free plan, and you sent the recommended NC message – if not start now, and send the recommended NC message – and no, that won’t be breaking NC – that will be correctly initiating the no contact rule – which in turn will speed up your personal evolution.

      I help people get over a break up and get their lives back, not get their ex back, and I explain why in the “About” section on my Blog.

      Go read the free plan to get your ex back and follow ALL the steps to get over a broken heart, evolve past the breakup, and get your life back again.

      Thank you for writing.

      Take Care,


      IMPORTANT – If you found this information helpful or useful, please give me a “+1” rating by using the colored “+1 button” at the bottom of the above article. I’d really appreciate it.

  2. Hey,

    I already break my NC rule after 15 days. What should I do now?

    1. Hi,

      Start Over!

      And make sure you send the recommended no contact message…no excuses.

      Go read the free plan to get your ex back and follow ALL the steps to heal your broken heart, evolve past the breakup, and get your life back again.

      Thank you for writing

  3. Is it common not to get any response to a NC message? It sounds like a lot of people have their exes get pissed off- mine simply did not respond at all.

    1. Hi,

      I have seen it go both ways.

      Just read all the no contact diaries in our forum.

      People react differently (on the outside) to the no contact rule, but it doesn’t change how they feel inside.

      The only way to reveal their true feelings is to follow ALL the steps in the free plan to get your ex back, and focus on getting your life back above everything else.

      Thank you for writing.

      Take Care,


      PS – The worse thing you can do is jump to conclusions. You must be patient, your thoughts shape your reality. The law of attraction works whether you are aware of it or not, check out this topic in our forum on The Law of Attraction and Relationships“.

  4. Would it be too late to join the forum and start my own NC diary…even though my break up was about 2 months ago and have done NC for more than 8 weeks now. I still feel as I’m not over it and need help with my personal evolution ALOT.

    By the way, sorry if this in the wrong section. i didn’t know where to place it..

    thank you.

    1. Hi,

      The forum is for people following the free plan to get your ex back.

      You do not need to post to follow the no contact rule and personally evolve.

      I am very strict about the rules (a.k.a I ban a lot of people every week).

      I only allow people who I feel would be a good fit to join, and you don’t seem like a good fit.

      You have everything you need to succeed without joining our forum…keep reading and evolving.

      Thank you for writing.

      Take Care,


      PS – If you really feel the need to post, you can join one of the many breakup forums available online, just search for “break up forum”

  5. oh i forgot to mention i work with her very closely and its very hard to not speak to her without looking like i am just being ignorant

    1. Hi,

      You just keep it all about work, do not discuss anything personal.

      This is covered in the free plan, just read all the links for NC.

      The free plan has helped people who lived together use the no contact rule successfully, work-mates can not be any any harder than being roommates.

      Thank you for writing.

      Take Care,


      1. thanks for the advice i did send the message twice but whenever we are in work and i try to get away she tries to talk to me about personal stuff even though i specifically asked her not to even after she said she understood that i need to heal she still wants to tell me about her mum and dad and other family stuff, should i just tell her to fuck off or what its really pissing me off and as far im concerned holding me back emotionally

        1. Hi,

          What I meant by personal stuff was asking about your personal life, the break up, NC, or anything else that isn’t work related and necessary.

          So, if she keeps telling you about her family, yeah, tell her to fuck off, and you don’t want to hear it.

          Tell her to keep your conversations about work, and work only.

          Maybe you should consider a different job, or work partner?

          Thank you for writing.

          Take Care,


          1. hi there sorry for going on but today at work i didnt talk to her i didnt ignore but didnt talk to her about anything other than work anyways after a couple of hours into it she called me out for it and again said i was being a dick and making her feel left out and uncomfortable because i was enjoying myself with everyone else and not her so i explained again why i felt this was a necessary step and although she says understood i could tell she was pissed anyway long story short i cracked and proceeded to tell how her how i felt about her which was obviously a bad mistake because i know its not reciprocated, so i decided to send another text just telling her to stay out of my way because i have too many unresolved feelings about the relationship and that i cant be around her and that was whats best for both of us she didnt text back but know she will pissed

            1. Hi,

              The free plan to get your ex back is highly effective (even in your situation) but you have to stick to it.

              The whole object of applying the no contact rule in this manner is to help you survive a break up, and heal your broken heart.

              All I can do is lead a horse to water, I can not force it to drink.

              If you’re going to fall to pieces every time she “gets pissed”, no plan will work for you.

              If she cared for anyone but herself, she would leave you alone with the personal bullshit, and respect your request for no contact.

              You should really consider finding a new job, or work partner because you are just going to go around in circles with this selfish bitch, understand?

              Thank you for writing.

              Take Care,


              1. i agree i cant afford tofind a new job just now though i have told her now to just leave me alone and not to talk to me at all i hope that will be the end of it and if she is upset tough

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