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Christmas Break Up and How The Holidays Can Help You Get Your Ex Back

How can Christmas help you get your ex back? Most people dread the holidays now that they have broken up with their partner…But! This can be a great tool, here’s how. Christmas Break Up Without Your Ex Although you feel you’re the only one suffering at this time of the year, and reminiscing…you’re wrong. Your […]

You Can Get Your Ex Back – Broken Heart or Broken Friendship?

You want to get your ex back but are you willing to sacrifice a broken friendship to prevent a broken heart? What is more important pleasing your peers, or winning back your ex? Many people using no contact to repair their relationship have to make a choice. They have to choose between what their peers […]

Do You Believe You Can Get Your Ex Back?

Do you really believe you can get your ex back? It is very important to believe you can, or you will most likely not win back your ex…why? Because you will stand in your own way through out any plan you follow to get them back. Buying a book, and reading it will not help […]

How to Be Brave Enough to Get Your Ex Back

Are you brave enough to get your ex back? Many people want to get back together with their ex, but they seem to chicken out…why? What are they afraid of? Is it finding out the truth about their ex girlfriends, boyfriends real feelings for them? Whatever it is you need to conquer your fear if […]

3 Things You Must Have to Get Your Ex Back

Before you go running off in a panic looking everywhere for advice on how to get your ex back, I can save you a bunch of time, you only need 3 things. I don’t care how long you have been broken up, or if it is a long distance or regular relationship. You must have […]

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