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Relationship Trouble – How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

How can you mend a broken heart? Everything that gets broken can be fixed again including your broken heart, you just need a plan, and I have one for you. I truly believe I can help you if you will listen to what I have to say. The key to fixing a broken heart is fixing your broken life first…OK?

Stage One – When The Dust Settles

This is the most important stage because you have to let the dust settle and evaluate the damage. Most people do not let this happen for a very long time while they struggle to get their ex back again hoping that is how to mend a broken heart, but it won’t work…why? Because even if they come back you will break up again in the near future…why? Because the problem still exists, that’s why. You must let the dust settle and focus on what went wrong and work to fix it.

Stage Two – Let Go Of The Past

You heard the saying “let sleeping dogs lie” well your “old” failed relationship is a “sleeping dog” that will continue to bite you over and over again. You MUST gather the strength to walk away from your ex (for the time being) and let that “sleeping dog” die. This is the key to getting over a broken heart. Your life and heart will remain broken as long as you hold on to that broken relationship, understand? I know your BIGGEST FEAR, and that is if you let go of your ex and the old relationship your ex will move on and forget you, and that is a myth, just fear whispering in your ear…ignore it.

Stage Three – Finding Yourself Again

You were so busy holding on to your dying relationship in hopes of getting your ex back again you lost something…yourself. Take sometime to find yourself and let life come back to you once again. The biggest trick to all of this is to stop listening to the little voices in your head, and give “time” a chance to show you how to deal with a broken heart, you”ll be amazed what a couple months can do, really. If you let your ex go and start to live your life again, the path back to them will present itself in time.

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Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is S. Williams, and I have been helping people since 2008 to overcome break up pain, and get their lives back. I even have an “About” section that I recommend you read. I know the name of my site is: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast, but I teach people how to get their lives back, not their ex’s.

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  1. hi my name is Georgina and i cant cope anymore, me and my ex have been off and on for last 4 months. I thought he cared about me and love me but he doesn’t… he only admit to me about 3 weeks ago on the 5th of December by Facebook that he use me that he was sorry ask me and him be mates. so i deleted him off so he tried to get in touch with me twice and he didn’t bother for bit, so he end up sending me texts saying hi you okay and I didn’t answer him. then hes mate has if I wana come to his new year party. but i was civil to his mate and then later couple days after that my ex ask me to add him back again… so I ask “why” and “what does he want”. he said I missed talking to you. but we texts on that night bit of disagreement and stuff.

    1. Hi,

      If you want to get out of the “just friends” zone, and get your life back, you need to use NC correctly.

      Go read the free plan on my Blog, and follow ALL the steps.

      Take Care,


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