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My Ex-Boyfriend Has A New Girlfriend How Do I Get Him Back?

upset woman seeing ex-boyfriend with new girlfriend

Your ex boyfriend broke up with you, and now, he has a new girlfriend.

You are worried that it is forever, and constantly wonder; “How do I get him back now?”, or if it is even possible to get your ex boyfriend back at this point.

No surprise there…but I say you should be focusing on a better question like, should you even consider taking him back again?

Don’t let the confusion of a break up make you naive, take the time to evolve past the failed relationship, before deciding to jump right back in again.



Do You Really Want to Get Him Back ?


You have to ask yourself this very important question: do you really want him back, or do you just hate seeing him with his new girlfriend?

The answer to this question requires some time and thought, and can not be answered quickly…think about it.

Why do you really want your ex back?


I think that 99% of the time people want their ex back because they hate the idea of being rejected.

They hate this idea so much that they are willing to overlook the obvious reasons for the breakup, and just plunge headfirst, right back in again.

That is not love my friends, that is desperation.

Do not make big decisions when you are feeling desperate, you will only regret them later.

Don’t you have enough pain and confusion in your life already?



Can You Get Him Back if This A Rebound Relationship?


Here is another thought that is probably weighing heavily on your mind.

How serious is this new relationship, does he really love her?

Who can say, you thought he really loved you, right?

How did that turn out?

He turns around and changes his mind, and breaks up with you, or he becomes so distant that you break up with him.

It’s the same result no matter who broke up with who, right?

I would be worrying about a definite pattern emerging here, and not about how serious this new relationship really is.

Do you want to give your heart to an untrustworthy man?

This guy has broken your heart before.

Think about it: Do you really want to get him back?



What Would I Do to Get My Ex Back If I Were You?


First off, I would stop worrying, and start planning.

Planning what you ask?

Planning how I am going to kick loves ass and get my life back again.

You see, your situation is not unique, and it is not hopeless.

It only seems that way because you’re feeling desperate.

The first sign that you are desperate is that you are using the word “hopeless”…make sense?

Ahh, the light bulb is flickering on now.

OK, here’s what I think you should do, and what I would do if I were in your shoes.

  1. Stop trying to contact your ex in any way, and, stop hanging around with him.
  2. Focus on evolving past the break up, and, moving past the old relationship with your ex boyfriend.
  3. Avoid talking with your friends about your plan because they just like to meddle, and, will only mess things up for you.
  4. Find a good plan to follow, specifically one that teaches you how to use the no contact rule correctly.
  5. Find people who are also going through a break up for support and guidance, this is crucial.

There is no need to feel lost, or desperate.

You will become happy again, even if you don’t get back together with him.

I have seen it happen many times, and, I can help you make it happen too.

All you need to do is make a choice about what you want, and, what you’re willing to do to get it.

And, if it’s what you really want, here’s how to get your ex back.



Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?


My name is S. Williams, and I have been helping people since 2008, to overcome breakup pain, and, get their lives back.

I even have an “About” section, that I recommend you read.

I realize the address, of my site, is: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast, but, I “really” teach people, how to get their lives back, not just their ex’s.

If you’re interested in working with me, (and our forum members) to get your life back, join my free newsletter, for access to the free breakup survival plan, and, start getting your life back, today.

The answers you need, to start your personal evolution, are waiting for you, don’t hesitate another minute…come, and get them.

Once, you get your life back, everything else will just start to fall into place…I promise.

If you have any comments or questions, please write them, in the comment box, below.

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Until next time,

S. Williams

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  1. My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago, he is 28 and I’m 23. We had a long distance relationship. It was for 6months. He broke up with me because i got angry with him about a text he sent me which made me feel like i was less important to him. (Silly reson) he told me that he didnt like this type of my attitude. I texted him after the break up again and again asking for a second chance but he said that he will never start a relationship with me again and he was mentaly so far from me now. I want him back. Because this break up happened suddenly and the reasons look like poor, and that was the first time we fought.

    1. Hi,

      You have to stop chasing him if you really want to win him back.

      If he made you feel like you weren’t important…that’s not silly.

      Maybe, he was already thinking about breaking up.

      Breakups don’t happen for no reason at all.

      There is always a reason.

      But, for now, don’t worry about that, just focus on using the no contact rule to get over this breakup, and, you can figure out the rest later, OK?

      If you haven’t already, subscribe to my free newsletter, and learn how to survive this breakup.

      Take Care,


  2. Hi S, Williams,

    I have read the forum rules several times and understand all that is expected of me as a member. I am happy to adhere to all that is required of me. I have also read the article ‘How to get my ex back’ because that is my heart’s desire, right now. My question is what if after 12 months, I still love my ex, and I get in touch with him, but he is not interested, and my heart breaks all over again? What do I do then?

    1. Hi Avis,

      You are a forum member now.

      How come you don’t post your questions in your no contact diary?

      This way, other forum members can answer your questions, as well.

      To answer your question, here’s the philosophical answer:

      Whomever told you that life offered any guarantees, except, death, lied.

      But, does that mean we have to live without hope?

      How many times does a baby fall down, before it learns to walk?

      It doesn’t matter, because they will not give up, until they succeed, or, die trying.

      The practical answer is this:

      1. You re-send the NC message, and, wait another 30 days, and then, try to reconnect.
      2. After 30 days, if they still don’t want to reconnect, you re-send the NC message (no changes), and, wait 60 days.
      3. After 60 days if they still refuse, you resend the exact NC message, and wait 90 days…see a pattern, yet?

      I think after enough tries, you will know when it’s time to give up, and, move on.


      Don’t worry about the future, focus on the present, take it one day-at-a-time.


      I hope this helped.

      Take Care,


  3. I am doing alright and my ex and I have 3 children and were together for 7 years. He says he is happy with her but he would be more happier with us. I don’t know if I believe him because he has been with this chick for almost 5 months. We never had the break up talk it was just a show me you will change yada yada well I immediately did the wrong thing and started dating a different guy up until October. I did this to try to help cope with the pain and distract myself. I never stopped thinking about my ex and even my ex and I cheated on our new squeezes. I still love my ex and want him back. I am in process of the no contact thing and after 3 days he contacted me and asked how we were all doing and then the next day I had to call him and ask something about our kids and the conversation was soo nice he sounded sooo nice and we didn’t fight and he sounded really really happy. Now is this because I have given him space and he is relieved that he can be with his new gf without me pestering him or is it because he is starting to think slowly and come around??

    1. Hi,

      I don’t do the “relationship analyzing” thing, why?

      It is very hit and miss, and there is a MUCH better way to reveal your ex’s true intentions.

      Do his actions match his words?

      I mean he says he wants you back, but doesn’t make any effort to get back together…smells like bullshit to me.

      I help people survive a break up and get their lives back, not get their ex boyfriend back, and I explain why in the “About” section on my Blog.

      Go read the free plan to get your ex back and follow ALL the steps to heal your broken heart, evolve past the breakup, and get your life back again.

      Thank you for writing.

      Take Care,


      IMPORTANT – If you found this information helpful or useful, please give me a “+1” rating by using the colored “+1 button” at the top or bottom of the above article. I’d really appreciate it.

  4. How exactly do I get him back? I need an answer please help

    1. Hi,

      This isn’t about getting him back, it is about getting your life back by evolving past the break up.

      After you get your life (yourself) back you can start a relationship with anyone you want, but no one wants someone who is broken, and desperate.

      I help people survive a break up and get their lives back, not just get their ex boyfriend back, and I explain why in the “About” section on my Blog.

      Go read the free breakup survival plan and follow ALL the steps to heal your broken heart, evolve past the breakup, and get your life back again.

      Thank you for writing.

      Take Care,


      IMPORTANT – If you found this information helpful or useful, please give me a “+1” rating by using the colored “+1 button” at the top or bottom of the above article. I’d really appreciate it.

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