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I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back – Does He Still Like Me?

If you’re wondering “Does he still like me?”

And, you really want your guy back, but, you do not know what steps to take.

There are 3 loving signs to watch for that will tell you that your ex boyfriend wants you back, and, that he still cares about you.


Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Does your ex boyfriend still keep in touch with you on a regular basis?

This is a good answer to your question “Does he still like me?”

Keeping in touch means he isn’t ready to let you go.

Remaining friends keeps his foot in the door.

If you’re thinking “I want my ex boyfriend back”, then this is a good sign.


Get My Ex Back

Does your ex boyfriend date much?

If he hasn’t been dating that is probably because he is not ready to move on, and he still likes you.

Don’t get over anxious and try to make any moves just yet.

Take your time, and find a good plan.

I know your heart’s screaming “I want my ex boyfriend back”, but you must be patient…OK?

If He Touches You a Lot Your Ex Boy Friend Still Likes You - Time To Take Action

Get Your Ex Back

Does your ex boyfriend move in close to you when you are talking face to face?

This is a really good sign that he still likes you.

Especially if he makes a lot of eye contact, and sometimes touches you as well.

I know you’re thinking “OK, he does still like me, and I want my ex boyfriend back, so whats next?”


Winning Back Your Ex

You’ve just discovered some great news…But, you must be careful.

One wrong move and you could send your ex running away from you again.

If you are emotionally unbalanced (excited) you need someone or something to keep you in balance (focused)…Right?

If you have any comments, or questions for me about how to get your ex boyfriend back, please write them in the comment box below, and I will answer them ASAP!

What can I do to help you get your ex back?

What are you willing to do to “get your ex boyfriend back?”


Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

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Once you get your life back, everything else will just start to fall into place…I promise.

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  1. He also likes my pics on fb.. few days before..he was posting sad post..but he is mot showing any emotions to me!!

  2. Hey..i seriously need ur help becausr i dont know what to do!! We broke nealry 46 days i did no contact for just 15days..thinking that i was ready but i asked him about the relationship and pushed him further….i sent him a breakup acceptance msg and told him not to contact me till m ready…now after 30 days of no contact again..i contacted him..i sent him this msg
    ‘Long tym no text..i just stumbled upon our old pic and reminded him of that memory…to which he replied with the same breakup accpetance msg telling me that i was the one who asked him not to contact him..i explained him that i was not ready and emotional…he didnt say anything..he ignored and tried to have normal conversation..i ended the conversation…npw the problem is he is replying to my msgs..but he is not showing any kind of emotions..i dont know how he is plz suggest me what i should do..i alreadt ignored him for 45days and didnt even wish him.on his he over me??should i move on??or there’s a hope..plz let me know.!!to me my situation is looking hopeless!!plzz help

    1. Hi,

      First off, NC is NOT about ignoring anyone, it’s about sending an emotionless message asking your ex not to contact you, and you’ll be in touch when you’re ready, that’s it.

      The amount of time varies A LOT, based on how many times you have broken up before, and usually, 30 days is never enough time.

      Plus, you have to be ready, and by being ready, I mean you must be able to accept an answer of “no”, when you ask to meet.

      This is all laid out in the free plan, which you can get by joining my newsletter.

      You don’t really want him back as much as you want to stop feeling alone/rejected. The sooner you start NC (the right way) the sooner you will stop feeling this way, but it will take time.

      I help people get over a break up and get their lives back, not get their ex back, and I explain why in the “About” section on my Blog.

      Make a commitment to yourself to stay in no contact for at least 12 months, and do not focus on getting your ex back – let your ex go.

      Your main focus is to break your dependency on your old relationship (and your ex) for happiness, and reestablish your life as a Happy Healthy single person.

      This is much more important than getting your ex back, and in 12 months you will realize what I’m saying is true.

      Go read the free plan to get your ex back and follow ALL the steps to get over a broken heart, evolve past the breakup, and get your life back again.

      Thank you for writing.

      Take Care,


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