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How to Survive a Break Up Using The No Contact Rule – 5 Empowering Tips

How to survive a break up is easy when you use the right tools. The no contact rule is the best tool. And I will show you how to use it to get over a break up. Keep on reading and you will pick up some good tips.

How to Get Your Ex Back – Tip 1

Using the no contact rule is the best way to deal with a break up. You just stop communicating with your ex. Be polite because this leaves the door open for another chance. Just politely ignore all their attempts to contact you. Do not worry and second guess this method…it works. Using the no contact rule is how to survive a break up.

How to Win Your Ex Back – Tip 2

Don’t be afraid of the no contact rule. It might seem hard at first but it will get easier, just stick to it. Those first few days you will start to worry that they’ll replace you. Getting over a break up requires discipline and faith in yourself.

Get My Ex Back – Tip 3

You’re probably starting get a lot of advice by now. Don’t listen to it. It is what they think you need to hear. Instead learn how to survive a break up by getting a good plan. The no contact rule works great, but you need a plan for using it. Learn how to get over a break up using the no contact rule.

Do Not Listen To Rumors - Focus On Using No Contact Correctly Instead

Winning My Ex Back – Tip 4

Rumors are your worst enemy, and people like to spread them, don’t listen. If your ex starts dating don’t worry it’s just a rebound relationship. Stay focused on the no contact rule, and you will survive this break up. You can’t just “patch things up.” This is where most people fail, stick to the plan, and survive this break up.

Getting Your Ex Back – Tip 5

If you can stick with the no contact rule you’ll become a stronger more confident person. Confidence is sexy, and sexy attracts. If you break no contact, you will look weak, needy, and that repels. Don’t worry, if you break no contact learn from your mistake and start over, and you’ll survive this break up.

Your Best Chance To Survive A Break Up

If you are emotionally unbalanced you need someone or something to keep you in balance…Right? I mean, do you really think by randomly searching the internet for free advice, that you’re going to succeed? You need a plan, a plan that works. If you want to survive this break up you’ll need help. Every trip must be mapped out in order to reach your desired destination, this is no different. If you have any comments or questions for me, please write them below in the comment box, and I will answer them ASAP! What can I do to help you to use the no contact rule? What are you willing to do to survive a break up?

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is S. Williams, and I have been helping people for more than 3 years to overcome break up pain, and get their lives back. I even have an “About” section that I recommend you read. I know the name of my site is: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast, but I teach people how to get their lives back, not their ex’s.

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Once you get your life back, everything else will just start to fall into place…I promise. If you have any comments or questions please write them in the comment box below.

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Until next time,

S. Williams

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  1. Hey, finding this blog is a blessing. Im in dire need to help get my head straight through this no contact rule. My ex girlfriend and I broke up 3 weeks ago, we have been together for 9 months and it was a good relationship, no fights, no arguments but basically what brought us down was small flaws that we disliked from one another, which now ive realized is completely normal in every relationship. Youre supposed to be able to work through these to be able to strengthen those bonds. Ive also realized that I dont want to let us go or throw us away just like that.

    Instantly i used the no contact rule on the first week. Yet she called me and we fought, about insane things, and she’d spat stuff out at me like “she never really liked me” “shes never missed me” “shes never been jelous about me” and all these crap that at first took a massive blow to my head, and i had to withdraw gather back my thoughts. Luckily her best friend called me, and i explained these things that my ex told me to her. And she quickly at the start said “its what she does she runs away from thing and finds it easier to make up her own bullshit and hope to god to believe it to make things easier for her self” shes grown up with my ex since they were 6 and everything shes reminded me of my ex is true, as i also know her that well too and thats how she is. Obvious to the fact that i knew she said what she did not mean, because i was with her in that relationship and i saw how she looked at me, and when around me, along with things she’d say to me constantly. Sometimes i’d go on 2 days without seeing each other and she’d be texting how much she misses me and cant wait to see me ect…so when i did think aboit it. I knew it was bullshit. But i dont understand why she would say these things?

    I gave that week a few more days and then on that thursday when i was out with my mates, she missed called me 5 times, and left 5 txt msgs ( i did not pick up nor hung up but let the phone ring, as the no contact rule says to do) her text msgs were all “why am i not picking up on her? ect…” types. Then after we even met up one full day just to be together and STRANGE enough to her it seemed like we never changed or anything at all this day! she crawled into bed, layed on me watched a movie, even had sex! So i thought at this day would be great to open up the relationship conversation again, where i logically explained that all relationships has its ups and downs and we’ll have flaws that we can work on but its a two way process (this broke her down to tears where she listened and even had a look of “she knows i was right” look to her) but then I WAS WRONG again, right after that she quickly came back to this new “phase” where she said “nope i think this is for the best”

    A few more days go by, a few txt msg from her here and there, then obviously as I guess happens with the no contact rule, it comes to a point where its unbearable and we mess up. It did for me, i contacted her, obviously we argued about the break up ect…her mind being “set” but yet after that we’d still have strange contacts where she would text me to see what i was doing after clas with a possibility to hang out for awhile (did not happen)

    My last contact with her was when she called me this past saturday, where we talked for 1hr, she called me because i got mugged and she “needed to know” if i was alright. The conversation obviously went to the break up, and my current state of mind i acted weak. Told her i missed her, we talked about old times, what we liked about each other. I even asked her if she missed me, and her reply was truthful that “yes sometimes but i dont really even give her time to miss me..” she said. I also asked her if she has been seeing someone new, she told me no, and if i asked her like i did she would tell me the truth, having asked that she asked me as well about any other girls, i said no there isnt one yet blah blah blah…pretty much all that was said. Learning the same shit from that conversation that women in general always think emotionaly and men logically. So ive realized the importance of the “no contact”

    But now having gathered my thoughts in order, im ready to do the no contact rule for sure this time. Im on day 4 right now, im offline in all social network sites, as Ive seen her online on skype and msn (which i know she only got, because im the one who uses it) so i have a feeling that she is expecting or waiting for me to contact her, but I have not, nor have i shown any clues as to what ive been up to or doing. As of now, ive disapeard at least towards her. But at the same time she has not contacted me since saturday as well. This is probably the longest weve gone to no contact, so maybe she is just waiting to see what the hell happned to me? but its hitting me back as well, im wondering where she is and what shes up to, with almost a fingers breath away from sending a text, which ive stopped myself from doing.

    Its confusing this no contact rule, because im scared shitless that by doing this she’ll easily forget about me, but then again its just been 4 days, with the knowledge that i know how close she was to me, we were also best friends and shes so used to talking to me day in and day out, from morning to when she went to bed she’d be calling or texting. So i guess i understand the saying that “distance makes the heart grow fonder” by giving her that space, she starts wondering where I am, and the anger and fights or what shes said may die down to be replaced by missing us and the great times weve always had together? Is this true? How do i get by with this no contact rule perfectly, because its god damn hard!?

    thank you so much, i apoligize for the long post just needed to tell the story so far. but im in serious need of advice as i always find it hard to speak to people about my problems, but im giving this blog a shot. I know we work together, and when were together were actually great except that ive realized probably before she has so far that other couples have had bigger issues than what we do, and that its supposed to be worked on. I’d rather say we tried than not have tried at all and threw it all away. I also know myself that if i truely felt we were wrong together, I would have moved on from the start. I need to make her see things in a new light, and to give us that one more chance. I know deep down shes missing me too, but obvious shes keeping it to herself because she feels its best. Ive even stopped listening to her besft friend about how to get her back and not to let her go, because i know its something my ex may need to figure out on her own, thus the supposed outcome of “the no contact rule”.

    Please help.

    Thank you so much, looking forward for an awesome reply/advice.

    1. Hi,

      I don’t “do” break up analysis, why?

      Because it is a waste of time, they are ALL basically the same scenario…you broke up, and you want your ex back, or so you think.

      But, what you really want is to be happy again, and you have convinced yourself (without any proof) that getting your ex girlfriend back is the fastest way to do that, but is it?

      I say you should focus on getting your life back, and then see what happens next.

      I say you should focus all your energy on attracting that one true love that everyone looks for, and you will attract it, and then I ask you…

      If that one true love turns out to be with some other beautiful woman, are you really going to care? lol

      Focus on what you “really” want, to be happy, and fuck all the rest of it, is just window dressing after all.

      If you want to get your life back, go read the free plan on my Blog, and follow ALL the steps.

      Take control of your situation.

      Leave all the broken heart drama bullshit to the fools who don’t have the guts to go find what really matters, their total and complete happiness.

      Take Care,


      PS – If your one true love turns out to be your ex, then you were right after all…win-win situation…the power is yours.

  2. I have told my friends to not tell me ANYTHING about my ex boyfriends well being. Around the time we broke up hewould always ask how I was ^^;;

  3. helen wrote:

    I have a new bf and I would just like this mistake of mine to get over it.

    I don’t have a plan to get rid of your ex, but I could recommend something.

    It sounds like the time to be polite, has come and gone.

    Why don’t you tell him to his face to leave you the fuck alone?

    Don’t call him, stare straight into his eyes and tell him to “fuck off”…that should work.

    Take Care,


  4. How about this situation. Right as I met this guy my doctor told me I probably had cancer. The doctor told me that I also had a high chance of dying a fairly quick and painful death from this cancer. I did not tell the bf about the potential dying part but I did tell him that I needed immediate major surgery due to a growth in my abdomen. He still pursued me throughout this low time in my life and after I was somewhat recovered we did begin seeing each other.
    He then broke up with me and told me there was someone else.
    I am not talking to him and he really ended up being such a jerk that I never want to talk to him again.
    This would not be a problem except that we occasionally work near each other. He is just bursting to talk to me and get my attention but I always turn and try to ignore him. I called him once many months later and told him to knock it off. He was so busy trying to read something else into it (I am not sure what it was exactly but something) that I don’t think it really got through to him. Since then everytime our paths cross he always postitions himself where I can’t help but see him and he parades back and forth in an exaggerated manner like some sort of animal mating dance or he puts on this wounded beast act or the worst the forgive me puppy dog eyes.
    All of this is really annoying. It’s been 3 years. I can’t talk to him because he only says things or hears things that further his agenda. I really just want him back off and stop all of this display behaviour.
    When I look at him I think “what in the hell were you thinking?”.
    I have a new bf and I would just like this mistake of mine to get over it. I’m sure he is getting laid so that is not his problem.
    Please, sometimes no really means no. :banghead:

  5. darren wrote:

    Just looking for some of your expert advice!

    Hi Darren,

    Re-post this under the forum no contact rule for married couples.

  6. @ S. Williams:
    Hey Scott,

    Just looking for some of your expert advice!

    Last time i posted i had met someone new as has my ex, i am still seeing the new girl and i think my ex is still seeing her new fella(don’t know for sure, have’nt asked). Two weeks ago my ex wife was in a local bar and ended up in a fight with her new b friends ex, his ex is now pressing charges against my ex wife. To top it all off the gym in which my wife runs her salon in has terminated her contract so she has now lost her business(what is she thinking!). When she phoned to tell me i really shouted at her, asking her what the hell she is playing at as she is 29yrs old and has the responsibilty of 2 kids! A couple times during the following week when i saw her she was telling me how her life was such a mess and she needed a shoulder to cry on and said”oh, to think of all the things we had this time last year”, i told her not to even go there and that i had scraped around in the dirt trying to fix things between us, but that she had no interest and now that she has wrecked not only her marriage,family and now her life she comes to me and starts telling me this crap, she even suggested that we (yes we) move away with the kids and start again, but not to get back together, we could just go as friends…..i just said that i could’nt believe that she would even ask me that! So, over the last week she has found new premises for her business ( in the centre of town), so now she thinks she is the big business women again, she does’nt need me anymore so she has become very ignorant towards me again, since during the previous week i was helping out a bit she was as nice as pie!(previous to this i was using N.C for 3-4 weeks).
    She was very ignorant to me yesterday and really pissed me off, cause of the way she spoke to me (like i was some doormat she can just use when she feels like it). These new premises she has are more expensive + now she has to pay all the bills and mortgage herself, i can’t see how she is going to afford it, but thats not my problem anymore, right? She will need me again alot sooner than i will need her for anything, but when she does i will just play it cool and tell her that i am not being used ever again and that she has a new man she can use, why does she think she can just use me as a friend……she sure as hell would’nt speak to or use any of her other friends like that!

    Deep down inside i still want my wife and family back together in the future(you may ask why but if you have a family you’ll understand).
    Am i doing the right thing by telling her (the next time she asks me to do something for her or whatever) that i’m not being used anymore and when i see her not to even enter into any conversation (except about the kids)with her. I just don’t know how to come accross to her, if i am friendly then she sees me as just a friend she can use and abuse(which is how she sees me now i think) or do i just give her one word answers type of thing when i see her……hope you know what i mean?

    Basicly what i’m asking is whats the best way to play it(in my mess of a situation) because obviously what i’m aiming for is reconsiliation in the future!

  7. yeah it’s not in my junk folder either..
    If you can delete this account, i’ll make another one right now.. and use my other email
    thank you:)

  8. Lucy wrote:

    Sorry, for posting so much.
    But i can’t sign into the forum.. i don’t remember my password and i’ve been trying to recover it, but i haven’t been sent an email… so i can’t post my questions there!

    Look in your junk folder if it is there make sure you white list the forums email address. If you can not find your password I will delete your first account and you can make a new one.

  9. Sorry, for posting so much.
    But i can’t sign into the forum.. i don’t remember my password and i’ve been trying to recover it, but i haven’t been sent an email… so i can’t post my questions there!

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