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How to Save My Marriage and Avoid Divorce

If you’re asking yourself “how can I avoid a divorce?” you have come to the right place. I will show you the beginning steps that will teach you “how to save my marriage.” Always remember that there are no impossible situations and you will be starting off on the right foot. Saving your marriage starts with believing you can…make sense?

How Far Has It Gone?

Where are you in the process, has your wife/husband filed for a separation or a divorce? If nothing has happened you’re in great shape and just need to start doing things correctly. If a separation was filed you are also still in good shape and have a great chance to “save my marriage.” Don’t worry if divorce has been filed you can still get your ex back and save your marriage as well…How? By taking back the power using a simple technique known as the no contact rule.

No Contact Can Save Your Marriage

Turning The Tables

Up until now I bet you have been begging, and pleading for them to take you back and save the marriage, right? Well, this hasn’t worked very well and you’re wondering why…you are pushing your wife/husband away by doing these things. If you are not separated or divorced yet I would suggest using no contact to start “pulling” your wife/husband back to you. If divorce has started I suggest you also use the no contact rule, but do not attempt the “reconnection” phase until after the divorce is final.

A failing marriage is the same as a failing relationship, you do not want to “save” a failing relationship/marriage. What did I just say? I know the title of this article is “how to save my marriage and avoid divorce” but what you really want to do is get your husband/wife back again and start a “new” relationship. The faster you embrace this idea of letting the “old” failed marriage go (even if it means divorce) the faster you will make progress towards a new relationship with your husband/wife…understand? You must fight the basic human instinct to hold on tighter when someone pulls something away from you, and then you will learn “how to save my marriage.”

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Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

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  1. if there is anything else you can help me with and give me a tip with i would totally appreciate it. God bless you.

    1. HI,

      Since you are married, and possibly dealing with an oncoming divorce, I will also recommend this free E-course on saving your marriage.

      How to Save Your Marriage

      Watch the video, and sign up for the free course, you have nothing to lose, and your marriage to gain.

      Take Care,


  2. My husband is very decided in ending our relationship, he does not want to talk to me only about our 3 children. he says he wants to file for a legal seperation but has yet to get the papers. he is talking with one of our counselor friends and she tells me that he is very decided and does not want anything. our feelings are mutual because of the problems we have been facing, but i never thought he would want to seperate and end the re;atonship, i hoped we would always wprk it out. but i did make a couple of the mistakes you mentioned, but i want to start the NC rule and get my life back. i feel i have been cligy and too dependent on him w no social life, so i will change that. i will subscribe to your plan and hope for the best. thanks for this. it makes total sense i did all of the DONT’S in a previous relationship and i know i scared him away even further.

    1. Hi,

      If you’re interested in following the free plan, go read it, and follow ALL the steps.

      It really is THAT SIMPLE.

      Take Care,


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