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How to Get My Ex Back – The Evolution Continues

You can get my ex back if you continue to evolve, and that means to keep on learning. I will tell you the next step in the evolution to get your ex back again. It is important to follow each step and not to rush through no contact. A lot of people have to fail about 3-4 times before they really get it, but you can avoid all that so just keep reading…OK?

The Magic of The No Contact Message

As I mentioned in my previous article “How to Get My Ex Back – The Evolution Beginsthe NC message is the most important step of the evolution so let’s not mess it up. I believe that you will be more comfortable sending the no contact message if you understand how it works…so lets break it down, OK? First, I will give an example of a very good no contact message to send, and then I will break down the 3 main components so you can better understand it and will not be afraid to use it…make sense?

A Good No Contact Message


I agree with you about the decision to break up, I really believe it was the best thing for both of us. I have some big decisions to make and I need some time to think them over. I would really appreciate it if you didn’t contact me during this time. I will be in touch when I am ready.

(Your first name here)

Hit Your Ex With A Good No Contact Message and Get My Ex Back

The First Punch

The first sentence has you “agreeing” with “their” decision to break up. This reminds them it was their idea to breakup. You’re wondering “How can that help me get my ex back?” Well it is just the beginning of the evolution and is only the first part of the message, this works like a combination punch that they will feel for a long time.

The Second Punch

You also confirm that it was the “best” decision for “both” of you, and now you have some big decisions to make. Do you see what just happened here? You went from the powerless begging machine into the well adjusted person who now has some “big” decisions to make.

“But how can I get my ex back if I lie to them?” Is that a lie about the “big” decisions? Well you have to decide whether to move on or not…right? I would call that a big decision but your ex won’t know that, and they will start wondering. This puts you back on their mind and has them thinking about you in a whole “new” light…get it?

The Knock Out Punch

Now after all that, you’re “telling” them to “not contact” you, and you”ll be in touch. Your ex will start thinking what does that mean? What will they say when they get back in touch with me? You just did two things right here. First you told them what they can and cannot do, and that usually makes them want to do exactly the opposite. You also raised a lot of curiosity about what you will say when you contact them.

Now if you have already sent an ineffective NC message and you’re wondering what to do next, I say send them the one I just gave in this article and watch what happens. Now remember this is only the first major step in the evolution to get my ex back, you need to have a whole plan to follow after you hit your ex with the no contact message, understand?

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