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How Can A Bug’s Life Get My Ex Back?

I know you’re thinking what is the matter with this guy? What do bugs have to do with getting back your ex? Want to find out? Then keep on reading. If you are really serious about winning them back, what have you got to lose right? Let me answer the question; How can a bug’s life get my ex back?

Creatures Of Habit

One of the biggest obstacles we face on our quest to getting my ex back is, we are creatures of habit. When we are familiar with something it better not change, or else. Then the break up happens, we are lost without our ex, and we want to get them back ASAP…right? It doesn’t matter what we have to do, we need them back. Right Now! Is this the best way to deal with this kind of situation? Nope. But S. Williams, I have tried everything to get my ex back, and it doesn’t seem to work.

Do Not Let Anything Stop You - You Can "Get My Ex Back"!

The Leaf

If you have ever watched the movie “A Bug’s Life” you will remember the part when all the ants are marching along gathering food for the Winter, when all of a sudden a leaf lands in their path…what happens next? Pure unadulterated panic, sound familiar?

They go crazy “Oh No…Oh No!” Until the head ant comes over, and tells them to calm down, and just walk around the leaf. That’s what I am telling you, calm down, and make your way around any obstacle that gets in your way, and prevents you from getting back your ex. It really is that easy, if you calm down and focus, instead of panicking at the slightest problem…understand?

If you need help finding your way around a leaf that has fallen into your path, join my free newsletter, and I will guide you around it…OK? I have helped many lost ants find their way to get my ex back again. After visiting Start Here First, if you have any comments or questions for me, please write them in the comment box below, and I will answer them ASAP!

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is S. Williams, and I have been helping people since 2008 to overcome break up pain, and get their lives back. I even have an “About” section that I recommend you read. I know the name of my site is: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast, but I teach people how to get their lives back, not their ex’s.

If you’re interested in working with me (and our forum members) to get your life back, join my free newsletter for access to the free plan to get your ex back fast, and start getting your life back today. The answers you need to start your personal evolution are waiting for you, don’t hesitate another minute…come and get them.

Once you get your life back, everything else will just start to fall into place…I promise. If you have any comments or questions please write them in the comment box below.

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Until next time,

S. Williams

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  1. Patricia Pond wrote:

    @ S. Williams:
    I wold love t join the forum! Could you let me know where to find it and how to join?

    Click on the big red button in the upper right hand corner of the blog.

  2. @ S. Williams:
    I wold love t join the forum! Could you let me know where to find it and how to join?

  3. Hi Patricia,

    Two things…I didn’t write the book (T.W. Jackson did), and you need to join our forum.

    Re-post your break up story under the forum “Heart Break Hotel” so the rest of the members will get to know you and your unique story…OK?

    He is not just on your mind…he is in your heart, you share the same situation as all the other members in the forum do.

    If you are brave enough come and join us as we hash these problems out.

    We are waiting to help. 🙂

  4. Hello S. Williams,

    I bought the Magic of Making up and found it quite interesting and hopefully helpful 🙂

    I evaluated my relationship to determine if I really want my ex back and the answer was : Yes, but I want the relationship as it was the first 1.5 year, not the last 3 months of it.
    I am not crazy in love with him, but I love him and care to be with him. I am quite independent person and I don’t wish him for his wealth or because I am not capable to find love again.
    The problem here is that he is SO INCREDIBLY STUBBORN – I have no idea how to get trough or around this stubbornness..

    One day I was really upset with him and did not return his calls for 2 days. The third day I called , but he did not respond.
    After we did not communicate for few days ( and way before I bought your book) I made the most common mistake (LOL) and wrote him an e-mail asking him to let me know if that’s the end of the relationship, so I can plan my life accordingly. No respond. Then I tried another approach – sent another e-mail saying that I take complete responsibility for the problems we were having the last 2 months and ask him to sit down and reconcile the situation. He did not answer for 3 days and after that I received LONG e-mail from him where his was blaming me for breaking this relationship with my stubbornness(??!!) , saying that I am too “though” for him, saying that he wants peace ( and he was the one during the relationship who actually was arguing all the time) . He wish me to find someone who will strip me “off my pride ” – I am not proud – I just have moral principles.
    Shortly he admit that we are 2 good people and we deserve the best , we are not right for each other and he is tired of fighting and he wants his peace.

    Well, at that point I bought your book.
    Wrote the short note saying that I am perfectly fine with his decision and I totally agree with him and…simply followed your advise. But he had B-day 2 days later , so I sent him just ” happy B-day” card without and “love” or “yours” in it.

    That was on May 1st.

    His sister called me and I was very cheerful on the phone told her that this is the best for both of us and I am moving on without any hard feelings.

    During our relationship he gave me one of his cars to drive and since we split up I didn’t feel is right to keep the car and went and bought myself brand new Mercedes.

    2 days ago I called him and left a message ( very cheerful and happy) that I have a new car and told him to either call me or e-mail to let me know how he wants me to return his car ( keep in mind it is not a junkie car that anyone can write off – it quite expensive custom made vehicle)..
    Well, I still don’t have an answer.,

    I wonder what shall I do here…

    I think that he will call one day anyway and I better keep the status quo for now.

    Of course I wonder if has moved on and/or he is seeing someone else.. That bothers me the most.
    Although we live 500 yards apart I never walk or drive by his home. I know that he drives by my building because there is no way to avoid it..

    I do all I have to in order to move on – I am constantly engaged in activities I love to do and meeting with people I like to be around, but cannot get HIM out of mind.

    Please advise what shall I do next?


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