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Getting Over an Ex – And Kicking Love’s Ass

Getting over your ex sucks, so let’s go kick love’s ass while we’re at it…OK? Keep reading and I will show you how to get over an ex, and kick love’s ass. Aren’t you tired of love kicking your ass? I am pretty tired of seeing people get their ass kicked by love, so I want to help all you people getting over an ex, to feel better by…kicking love’s ass. OK…let’s do it!

Boot Number 1

The first real hard kick to love’s ass will be when you stop feeling depressed, and get out in the sunshine again. I am mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore…Right? Getting over an ex requires getting out of your shell, sometimes anger can be a very useful tool for this. Hey, why don’t you get a balloon and blow it up, then draw an ass on it, and label it “love’s ass.” (the quotes are optional) Now, kick that ass all over the place until it “pops!” Getting over an ex is a lot easier when your kicking someone else’s ass for a change…Right?

Getting Over an Ex Means Kicking Loves Ass

Boot Number 2

OK, now you’re going to rest that leg, and use your other leg for this next one. Another great way to kick love’s ass, is to have fun (you just had some I hope). I know what you’re thinking, kicking a balloon around, and getting over an ex is not as good as learning how to get back an ex. But wait, there’s more…This might just cover both bases (getting over an ex, and getting my ex back).

Why not go out on some dates? Just tell them what you did to that balloon, and they will definitely not mess with you, and make sure they show you a real good time. You can kick love’s ass real hard by getting back in the game. Love likes to think you don’t have a chance, I am here to tell you…Love is wrong!

No More Boots Left!

This is when you wished you had three feet…Right? Oh well, we definitely put a dent in love’s ass, so we will leave love alone for a while, and talk about another great way to boot love’s ass, without lifting a foot. Getting over an ex is OK, but learning how to get back an ex is even better…Right? We talked about dating before, that is a great way to win back your ex…How?

Well, when your ex girlfriend/boyfriend sees that you are no longer at home crying, and waiting for them to call and take you back. They will start thinking; “Wow, maybe their feelings for me aren’t as strong as I thought they were?” Now you are thinking I am not getting over an ex, I am losing my ex.

No, you’re not…They thought they had more time to make up their minds about whether they were moving on or not. You just showed them they don’t, now the power has shifted from them to you. What is your ex girlfriend /boyfriend going to do now? Even though you are feeling better about getting over an ex, you really need to find, and follow a good plan.

You Came This Far – Don’t Blow It!

Why would anyone do this? I mean, do you really think by randomly getting advice from friends, family, and co-workers, that you are going to succeed? You need a plan, a plan that works, and you need it now. If you haven’t already make sure you join, and ask your questions in our forum, maybe while you’re helping someone else you will help yourself as well…make sense? If you have any comments about this article please write them in the comment box below. Now get out there and put a foot in loves ass for a change, and get your ex back by getting over an ex for the time being.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is S. Williams, and I have been helping people since 2008 to overcome break up pain, and get their lives back. I even have an “About” section that I recommend you read. I know the name of my site is: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast, but I teach people how to get their lives back, not their ex’s.

If you’re interested in working with me (and our forum members) to get your life back, join my free newsletter for access to the free plan to get your ex back fast, and start getting your life back today. The answers you need to start your personal evolution are waiting for you, don’t hesitate another minute…come and get them.

Once you get your life back, everything else will just start to fall into place…I promise. If you have any comments or questions please write them in the comment box below.

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Until next time,

S. Williams

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  1. Sandra wrote:

    Is there any professional help available


    You can talk to live counselors by clicking on this link:

    Live Relationship Help

    Or you can use the free plan to help yourself through this.

    Take Care,


  2. My Ex is married to someone else. They came together because I came in between. I don’t know what the hell she did he thinks I am a culprit and wants to break them. Is there still hope. I never thought I will fell in love with married man but his lies brought us together. Now I m dying inside. Is there any professional help available

  3. Nick wrote:

    I don’t believe you went all the way to design a website for this! But, hell, I wioll give the balloon thing a shot.

    I hope it helps, if not join our forum and start following a plan that will work, OK?

  4. I don’t believe you went all the way to design a website for this! But, hell, I wioll give the balloon thing a shot.

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