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Get Your Ex Back – Top 3 Reasons You Must Break Up With FaceBook to Get Your Ex Back

If you want to get your ex back you must break up with facebook first…why? Well here are the top 3 reasons breaking up with facebook will help you get your ex back again. I am sure there are probably more, but these three should be a good start.

#3 – You Will Not Waste Time Spying On Your Ex

Stop and think about how much time you waste checking your ex boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife’s facebook account to see what their up to? You could be using this time to be out with friends, and family having fun, right? Why spend more time pouring salt on your relationship wounds? Do you like to suffer? The sooner you stop wasting your time on facebook, the sooner you will be able to use that time in a more positive manner…like living life, and having fun, right?

Stop Using FaceBook To Spy And Get Your Ex Back

#2 – Your Ex Will Not Know What You’re Up To

The sooner you delete your ex from your FB account, the faster they will be able to miss you, right? If you sent a good no contact message to them, and then delete them from your facebook account…how will they know what you’re up to? This will drive them a little crazy and make them miss you even faster…and that’s a good thing, right? The fastest way to get your ex back, is to make them miss you, and deleting them from your face book account will make them miss you.

#1 – Your Ex Can Not Attempt To Hurt You With False Posts

Lets face it everyone seems addicted to FB these days, and your ex knows it, and will use it to their advantage…especially if you decided to fight back and use the no contact rule. They will post pictures of them having a great time, trying to make you break no contact…and it works…a lot! You can defuse this whole situation, and give them a little kick in the ass by deleting them from your facebook account ASAP after the break up. Your best chance to get your life, and your ex back is using no contact, and it will be a lot easier to stick to NC if you aren’t spying on your ex with facebook…make sense?

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

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  1. Hey,me nd my bf were in a serious relationship for 5 years,everythng was perfect until we came under long distance relationship..i tried no contact for 30 days but i broke d rule in just 15days we talked for hours that day but i apologized for my behaviour and tried to make him remember our good times together,he thought i was trying to seduce him with old memories.. what should i do?

    1. Hi,

      You need to read the free plan, and properly re-initiate the no contact rule by sending the correct NC message, as outlined in the plan.

      Then you need to stick to NC, and do not break it for at least 12 months. This is how long it will take for both of you to evolve past the failed relationship.

      Go read the free plan to get your ex back and follow ALL the steps to get over a broken heart, evolve past the breakup, and get your life back again.

      Thank you for writing.

      Take Care,


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  2. Hi,
    I was devastated since we broke up, it was last year ago. I change my cp# but months goes by he deleted me in his skype account and I was panicked at that time so I called him but I dropped that call. After that, I PM him in his fb wishing him all the best in his family, relationship, career and everything. I also include in that message that I sincerely wish it coz that are also my wishes fir my self. With matching God bless and take care with a smile. After 10 min. He replied that he pray that it also happen to me. Take care and he also said we both knew that I am nice and smart person. Till here…
    I really cried whe I read that but I was confused till now what is the meaning of his last word ” TILL HERE….”
    what do you think is the meaning?
    After that he deleted me in his fb and tasing me in his shout outs like he finally found the really one, of course that girl answer his shout out. He also shout out that he ” I miss her so much!” I don’t know who is that person? Double meaning and very confusing. So I decided to delete my fb so I control myself to spy on him and do the important things in my life. I am now continuing my MBA but most of the te I can’t control myself to open my net and wondering what he is doing right now and that girl. Please give me ab advice what sholud I do. I really want to control my life.

    1. Hi,

      If you want to get your life back, and be happy again, go read the free plan on my Blog, and follow ALL the steps.

      Take Care,


  3. Mark wrote:

    Well I have deleted her from my phone and from facebook. I still find myself looking at some our our mutual friends and looking for updates but I am hoping with time that will become less and less.

    Great Job Mark! :thumbup:

    Now just find other things to occupy yourself with when you feel like spying on your friends for info on your ex, OK?

    Stay Strong! :rambo:


  4. Well I have deleted her from my phone and from facebook. I still find myself looking at some our our mutual friends and looking for updates but I am hoping with time that will become less and less.

  5. nevagen wrote:

    i have just deleted his fone number ( although ino it off by heart 🙁 ) his msn, n his facebook!!

    Great Job NV! :thumbup:

    nevagen wrote:

    feels like i lost an arm at the moment

    Think of it as losing an arm that had it’s hand around your throat. 😉

    Stay Strong! :rambo:


  6. i have just deleted his fone number ( although ino it off by heart :() his msn, n his facebook!! feels like i lost an arm at the moment, but also freeing!!

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