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Get Your Ex Back Faster Than Anyone Else Can Using These 3 Super Simple Tactics

You can get your ex back faster than anyone else can if you follow these 3 simple tactics. Your broken heart will feel better immediately after using just the first tactic. No matter how bad you feel right now if you can follow these simple tips you will get your life back, and win back your ex as well.

Simple Tactic One

Before you spend another moment begging, or pleading with your ex to come back, stop what ever you’re doing and get ready to send them a no contact message. This message will put you back in power, and make you feel 100% better after you send it.

Many people are frightened at first to send it, but they all admit afterwards it was the “scariest” yet the best thing they have done since the break up. It is very easy too, you just copy a version from any well known “get your ex back” book, and send it off.

The Sooner You Dump Your Emotional Baggage, The Sooner You Will Get Your Ex Back Again

Simple Tactic Two

Once you send the no contact message you stop communicating with your ex, and start focusing on your personal evolution. This is VERY important and should not be skipped, or over looked. You can start your journey by letting go of your old relationship.

This does not mean you are moving on forever…it means you are going to get over the old failed relationship by admitting it was dead. Use a notebook, and write out all the pros and cons of the old relationship with your ex. Once you start to dissect your old relationship you will understand why it failed, and it will be easier to “move on”, and prepare to get your ex back again.

Simple Tactic Three

Now that you are on your way to leaving your emotional baggage behind it’s time to get social. Most people swear they can not go out “it’s too soon after the breakup”…but they are wrong. The sooner you get back on the social horse again, the better, why?

Because this will greatly speed up your evolution, and bring you closer to getting your ex back again. Once you are comfortable out and about members of the opposite sex again the more attractive you will feel, and the more attractive you”ll become. The faster you use these 3 simple tactics, the faster you will feel better, and win back your ex.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is S. Williams, and I have been helping people since 2008 to overcome break up pain, and get their lives back. I even have an “About” section that I recommend you read. I know the name of my site is: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast, but I teach people how to get their lives back, not their ex’s.

If you’re interested in working with me (and our forum members) to get your life back, join my free newsletter for access to the free plan to get your ex back fast, and start getting your life back today. The answers you need to start your personal evolution are waiting for you, don’t hesitate another minute…come and get them.

Once you get your life back, everything else will just start to fall into place…I promise. If you have any comments or questions please write them in the comment box below.

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Until next time,

S. Williams

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  1. Have fait in Mr. Williams Liz, He’s the man with the answers, thank you SO much mate, you put me on the right track, im about to seal the deal tomorrow, fairly sure your advise will work 🙂 Im TOTALY over my ex now with a few weeks, I see her and I feel nothing, so im pritty sure that chapter is done and dusted!! 🙂 She ended up with my friend, so iv NO issues in asking her sis out, She is SUCH a better laugh anyway,always was, just to time it right :-), Think im falling in love with her to tell the truth!! Ha!! Good or bad?? Anyway, its ‘do or dont’ at this stage, just get it over and done with eh 🙂 Pray for me!!! 😀

  2. Hi…. its me again lol… a question again.. and the last one about this topic really. Can i write this….

    “I would appreciate it if you paid me what you owe me as soon as you can.”

    Liz… Would that be ok also… would like you input … and thanks again.:) Liz…..

    I am sorry…. i get so discouraged at times about my ex…. i just don’t think he cares anymore.

    Have a good night!

    1. That would be fine.

  3. Hi….. thanks for responding back so fast…
    I got another e mail from my ex last night, and he was asking me how things have been…. and that he was wondering if he could have some time to pay me back because he is in between jobs at this time,( i know that he has the money i know how much he has in his saving account).
    So my question to you is….. i will respond by e mail to him in a few days….. but what do i write to him to be effective…. I was thinking this….. let me know if this is ok… Hi….” That won’t be a problem, i trust that you will pay me back when you can” Then title it I Trust You. well S.W. would love the feed back please …. and thank you:) LIz.

    1. Hi,

      That would be a mistake, do not put any kind of emotion into your response keep it all about the business at hand, OK?

      Just respond with something like:


      I would appreciate it if you paid me what you owe me ASAP.

      Your Name

      Don’t let your ex take your emotional temperature, if you think he is fucking around using the money as an excuse to get you to break NC…don’t let him.

      This plan only works when you take it seriously.

      Stay Strong!


  4. HI….. I sent the NC letter 6 weeks ago to my ex.. he has not tried to contact me, but i know that he has asked about me a few times to a mutual friend of ours.. My ex is also dating a new girl at this time, well actually they are off and on because he will “wheel her in then throw her out” he plays games with her.
    He owes me some money, so i had a friend of mine (which he knows) call him and ask for my money. I did not want to contact him at al because i don’t want to fall right back in to things with him.. So my friend contacts him for the money, and my friend says that my ex sounded really insulted and that he will make arrangements to give me my money…… well that night i got a e-mail from him and it said ” so….. you want your cash, all you have to do is contact me..” So what is the best thing for mr to do?….

    #1. wait a few weeks and have my friend contact him again….
    #2. just contact him myself…. ( which i really dont want to)
    #3. wait until i am done with my personal evolution then contact him..

    another question…. my ex has a history of playing “games” with girls…. and he is playing one with this new girl…. they break up then go back out ….. and when she leaves he chases her and does anything to get her back.. then a few days later he is his old self an asshole to her….. then the cycle begins all over.
    So…… I am wondering … when my ex and i broke up why did he not chase me like that? he did meet this new girl 2 weeks after we broke up… and of course he wanted to be “friends” with me while he was seeing her, which i did become his personal prostitute lol for a few weeks during this time… then i realized and thought forger this shit!! i dont think so.. then sent him the NC letter. and of course found this site 🙂 thank you it is awesome!! please help.:) Liz..

    #3. wait until I’am done with my personal evolution then contact him….

    1. Hi,

      If this guy owes you money contact him through text/email…don’t call, and don’t answer his calls.

      The fucking low-life should be a man and pay his debts.

      Keep your contact with him all about the money, nothing else.

      Tell him to meet your friend, or mail you a check.

      There is nothing wrong with this kind of contact to tie up loose ends, but you must stay focused.

      If you want to let the money go for now, go ahead, after all it is only money, your life/happiness is worth a lot more, right?

      Stay Strong!


  5. Thanks mate, ill give it a shot and let you know what happens! 🙂

  6. First of all, thank you for the reply 🙂 And im thinking your right, but I would not like to cause a rift between them, they not really that close, but do live at the same address, im still good friens with the family, infact they all sidded with me when she broke it off, I dont really talk to my ex now, just a “hello” when we pass, now thats HER decission, I would chat to her if she wanted, she’s the one thats making everything hard, its like she changed into a diff person over night! Anyways, ill hold off for at least a few weeks untill I see what my ex does first, you think? Or should I tell the sis how I feel now?? I really dont think any of her family would mind only im not sure about hte ex, she DID mention to me that I could end up with her sis when we were breaking up, cause she always knew her sis and me had more in common and got on so well, but Im not 100% on how she might take it! 🙂

    1. Hi,

      Why don’t you properly initiate no contact, and then see what happens.

      You should really evolve, and get past the break up before trying to bounce into another relationship.

      Go read the free plan on my Blog, and follow ALL the steps.

      Take Care,


  7. Hi, i broke up with my wife to be almost two months ago, it was SO hard on me, We were engaged for two years, going out for five, she took it in her stride as if she does it every day, very cold about it, I was heart broken to the point of almost ending it all (if you know what I mean) But now I find myself falling for her sister, we always got on so great and have 80% more in common then my ex, and I always thought that she fancied me, she mentioned to a friend that it would be awkward for us to hook up, being my ex’s sis and all, im thinking of holding out for a month or so to see how things pan out with my ex, she is after a friend of mine, and I think that if they hook up, her sis will be fair game? I would like your opinion on this, have you come across this situation before? Thanks, John.

    1. Hi,

      I don’t see why your ex’s sister isn’t fair game now…she broke up with you, you’re a free man.

      Take Care,


  8. Katelyn wrote:

    Should i even attempt it. i know he still cares about me but he thinks he cant make me happy?


    This isn’t about him, it is about you, and your happiness.

    The free plan will help you get your life back again, and pull your ex back to you too.

    This plan works, you just have to follow it, and not try to predict the outcome…just focus on following the steps, one day at a time.

    The link is on the home page.

    Take Care,


  9. Me and my boyfriend were together for four years when he went into basic training and when he got back we were fine the first couple of days. But he started acting weird the next week like getting jealous and depressed? He soon began being very mean to me… we live very far apart and after we broke up he got a new girlfriend not even two days after. Should i even attempt it. i know he still cares about me but he thinks he cant make me happy? does that mean he was cheating on me the whole time?

  10. stacy wrote:

    what do i do now?! continue with the no contact? im worried this will only push him closer to his new girlfriend as we were getting on quite well again before i found out!? please help!

    Hi Stacy,

    Go read, and follow the free plan on my Blog (at the top).

    If you want him back you must follow all the steps, and send the recommended NC message word for word…no changes.

    NC will not push him into the arms of his new girlfriend.

    Take Care,


  11. My ex broke up with me 4 weeks ago and he has a new girlfriend already! 🙁 I had already sent him a no contact email about a week ago however broke the no contact when i found out about his new girlfriend (stupid I know) I sent him an angryish text however the next day apoligised for my behaviour and told him i hope we can still be friends (of course i want more) what do i do now?! continue with the no contact? im worried this will only push him closer to his new girlfriend as we were getting on quite well again before i found out!? please help!

  12. kandyie wrote:

    do you have to send the no contact message in order for it to work i mean what if you have already been giving zero contact from both sides and my exboyfriend is dating someone new?

    Hi Kandyie,

    The NC message serves two purposes:

    It is the first step of the plan…just ending contact doesn’t work, you need to make a statement (the correct one).

    The second is the sense of taking back control in a situation in which you felt like you didn’t have any.

    You will see it written all over our forum how people resisted sending the message (for various reasons), and then they sent it, and started feeling better right away.

    I am NOT making this up…it’s documented in our forum…just go read the others NC Diaries, OK?

    Follow every step in the free plan, and use our forum for support…you will not regret it.

    Take Care,


  13. do you have to send the no contact message in order for it to work i mean what if you have already been giving zero contact from both sides and my exboyfriend is dating someone new? and i have done zero contact now 4about 3 weeks i dont want to sound stupid to you because i am asking this but i mean do i just keep on no contacting or do i now send the message and if i do send a message now you dont think he is gonna think i am just like more desperate knowing he is dating someone new???

    i read your plan and no its says send the message but this time has already gone by for us before i found and read this? so do you think this situation is different

  14. natalie10 wrote:

    Hi scott your right about that evolution I’m actually started to sleep again

    That’s Great Natalie!

    Great Job! (Thumbs High) 🙂

  15. Hi scott your right about that evolution I’m actually started to sleep again now don’t no why but it gives you a sense off power using nc coz I’m not that desperate cow he expected haha what do they say the path of true love never runs smooth

  16. john wrote:

    hi i followed the no contact rule for a month and then got carried away and acted desperate on the the reconnection stage when i got a sign things could work out. now i’m not sure what to do…

    Hi John,

    It sounds like you weren’t ready to reconnect…that’s why you panicked.

    If you have driven your ex away by acting needy you can just send the NC message again, and this time follow ALL the steps in the free plan on my Blog.

    You must focus on your personal evolution…not getting your ex back in order to succeed.

    Take Care,


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