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Can You Save Your Marriage Using The No Contact Rule?

If you are on the verge of going through a divorce, I bet you’re wondering if you can save your marriage using the no contact rule. Well, that would all depend on how bad things have already become between you and your spouse. If things are really heated between the two of you, you may not be able to stop the divorce. But does that mean you and your partner are finished forever? I say no, and if you keep on reading I will explain why.

Sometimes it Takes A Divorce to Save A Marriage

No, I did not smoke crack while I wrote this article. I usually wait until I am finished working before I get high…just kidding. I know what I just wrote doesn’t make much sense at first glance, but think about it, let it sink in, and the light bulb will switch on.

If your significant other is bound and determined to get a divorce, what do you think will happen if you resist them? They will get even more angry and things will get worse. Why? To them it seems like you are trying to keep them prisoner against their own will. That is wrong. That is also the wrong way to gain someone’s love, trust, and respect back again…make sense?

My advice is to go along with the divorce if your husband or wife seems really adamant about getting one. This is where the no contact rule comes into play. The only thing I would suggest before starting to use the no contact rule, is to ask for a trial separation before the divorce. If he or she says no, just let it be.

If I Grant Them A Divorce How Can I Save My Marriage?

If you truly love your husband or wife (and I think you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for help) you will think “long term”. What do I mean by that? I will tell you. The less emotional damage you cause to your relationship now, the better chance you have for some kind of reconciliation with your loved one in the future? Are you starting to get “the picture” now?

If you start using the no contact rule and agree to the breakup (divorce) you will decrease the tension between the two of you, and you will surprise the hell out of your partner as well. They will have one of two reactions. They will think that you don’t care about your marriage enough to fight for it (which is untrue). Or, they will really appreciate your cooperation, and this will score you big points later on when you try to reconcile after the divorce is final.

I think they will always appreciate your cooperation, no matter what they might say (or do). People say (and do) things they don’t mean all the time when they are confused and emotionally charged. Just be very cooperative, polite, and understanding as this will pay big dividends in your future relationship with your spouse. It will probably save you from getting cleaned out financially too, long drawn out divorces cost a lot of money in attorney and court fees.

When The Divorce is Final How Do I Save My Marriage?

Remember this is equally trying on both of you, and you can save your marriage if you use the no contact rule wisely.

What do I mean by marriage? Marriage is more than a piece of paper, it is a bond. A divorce may nullify that piece of paper, but only your heart can release a bond of love. The same is true for your spouse, if you don’t let this divorce tear your love bond apart, the chances of getting back together with your husband or wife in the future are very good.

Remember, think long term and you can save the most important part of any marriage, the love bond between a man and a woman. With this bond still intact you have a great chance of rekindling your relationship into a brand new “stronger” relationship than you had before. Bearing this in mind, you can in fact save your marriage using the no contact rule correctly.

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