Can I Win My Ex Back Even If I Broke The No Contact Rule?

If You Broke No Contact Just Start Over Again and Win Back Your Ex


If you have broken the no contact rule you’re not alone, and, yes…

You can still win your ex back.

If you want to learn how to get your ex back just keep on reading.

Everyone is just so afraid of the no contact rule.

What if it doesn’t work?

Will it only make things worst?

Can I win my ex back even if I broke the no contact rule?

Put on your work gloves because it’s myth busting time, and, time for you to learn “How to get your ex back.”



Oh Oh I Broke The No Contact Rule – Can I Win My Ex Boyfriend Back?


Sorry, you can never use the no contact rule again if you break it…Not!

This is the beauty of using the no contact rule, if you screw it up just tell yourself; “Hey, I can just start over and get my ex boyfriend/girlfriend back.”

It is really that simple just keep the faith, and learn from your mistakes, and start all over again.

You are bound to get your ex back if you never give up…Right?

I hope you are following some kind of plan, and getting some guidance as you use the no contact rule to win back your ex.

If you want a serious answer to the question; “Can I win my ex back using the no contact rule?”

You have to get serious yourself, serious about the no contact rule, and serious enough to find, and follow a good plan.

Winning back your ex is possible no matter how many mistakes you make, but do you want to wait forever to get back your ex?

Please go get a good plan and go get your ex boyfriend/girlfriend back…I want you to be happy again.



How Do I Know How Bad I Broke It?

If It’s Bad Can I Still Win My Ex Girlfriend Back?


Unless you broke the no contact rule over your ex girlfriend’s, or boyfriend’s head, you are still in the game to win back your ex.

If you did some drunk dialing I would suggest never doing that again.

You never know what drunk guy/gal is going to say, and you probably won’t remember either.

It is hard to follow a plan when your drunk so lay off the booze until you get your emotions under control…OK?

There is really no mistake that time will not heal…the key word being time, you have to be patient.

Using the no contact plan requires patience, and emotional control along with a good plan, and guidance.

If you’re thinking; “I can win my ex back getting advice from the heartache forums.” You are in for a long wait to win back your ex.

I have been to those forums, and have been kicked out…Why?

Because they do not want to solve any problems there, just blow smoke, and sell you stuff.

I saw an ad in one for a book about “Blow Jobs.”

Yeah, that book will help you get your ex back fast…Not!

My point being if you really want to succeed, and win back your ex using the no contact rule.

You need a good plan, and one that is backed up with support as you go through the process.



Get Help With The No Contact Rule, And, You Can Get Your Ex Back


Why would anyone do this?

I mean, do you really think by randomly getting advice from friends, family, and co-workers, that you are going to succeed?

You need a plan, a plan that works, and you need it now.

If you use a good plan with the no contact rule you will be able to tell yourself “I can win back my ex!”

If you have any comments, or questions for me, please write them in the comment box below, and I will answer them ASAP!

What can I do to help you, get back together with your ex?

What are you willing to do to win your ex back?



Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?


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  1. Hi… my boyfriend and I had a very big argument 2 weeks ago.. ever since we haven’t talk.. I took his cloths back and left it at his friends house, since they are best friends and always together..
    He did the same for my stuff and left him at his friends house which I already picked up.
    Rundally I get a text from my girlfriend
    Mutual friend telling me that he texted her to tell me to get my stuff when I already did!!
    So I broke the no contact rule and told him ( I got my stuff already thank for everything ) he replied
    Few hrs later saying K.
    Based on this. Do you think there’s a chance to get back. Truly miss him, we were together for 1
    Year but we know each other for 12 yrs by our mutual friend..
    I’d love to hear your advice.

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Anything is possible if you handle the breakup, correctly.

      I kind of doubt you initiated NC correctly, so the first thing you need to do, is go read The Free Breakup Survival Plan.

      Once you understand how to start (and use) NC correctly, send the recommended NC message (as outlined in the plan).

      Then follow all the rest of the steps.

      Take Care,


  2. My ex and I broke up about 3 weeks ago. We had a good breakup with no hard feelings. He said he’s always there if I need him and to never be a stranger. So I texted him yesterday to see how he was and he didn’t reply. So I asked if I could ask a question and he said of course. I asked if maybe he wanted to go to a mutual friends wedding as friends and maybe catch up in a few weeks. He never replied. I just feel like he told me to text if I needed him and all that but didn’t mean it. Is my situation doomed?

    1. Hi Peyton,

      Some people say things that “sound nice” so they look nice, but, they don’t really mean the things they say.

      When in doubt you can always refer to the saying; “actions speak louder than words”.

      As far as is your situation “doomed”?

      I don’t see how it can be, because you are already broken up.

      You can’t breakup anymore, than you already have.

      Take Care,


  3. Hey I need help.
    Been asking myself if its Really over…
    Been with my ex from 2008 and have been breaking up and getting back together all these yrs until recent. He wasn’t showing interest because of all the fights we have been having. I also complained to my friends and they started hating him.Therefore, I initiated no contact also changed my numbers…he sent me an email then I didn’t reply…one the ,25th day of no contact, as I was out with my friends drinking I took one of my friends phone and I started telling him that I hate him via Whtsup nd then my friend took the phone and sent swear words to him as well to an extent that she said he has a small penis..I fought with my friend for that…now he wants nothing to do with me please help

    1. Hi Noks,

      It doesn’t sound like you and your ex make a good couple.

      Breaking up and getting back together for 9 years doesn’t sound like much fun.

      I don’t know how you “initiated no contact”, but, you obviously broke it, when you contacted him through your friend’s phone.

      If you really want help getting over your breakup, go read the free breakup survival plan.

      Once you learn how to properly initiate no contact, start NC again, and stick to it, by following the free plan breakup survival plan.

      If you do feel like reconnecting with your ex (after completing NC), I highly suggest you go for some face-to-face relationship counseling, together.

      Take Care,


      1. So it looks like this is a hopeless situation its okay I don’t have to get him back ..its okay as I understand that I will never change him..I want to move on no matter how difficult it is. And lasty I wanted to ask if I can send this him a last msge to apologize from everything I said nd did wrong

        1. Noks said:

          I want to move on no matter how difficult it is. And lasty I wanted to ask if I can send this him a last msge to apologize from everything I said nd did wrong


          If you REALLY want to move on, forget the apology, and send the recommended NC message as outlined in the free breakup survival plan.

          I am sure that you are not the only one to blame for this breakup, some relationships just don’t work out.

          You have to have the courage to let them go, and move on.

          Take Care,


  4. Hi, I really need help.
    I found out about the no contact rule way too late, my boyfriend and I broke up 12 days ago and for the first 10 days I spammed his phone with texts and calls every time I missed him (he didn’t respond to me) is it too late now? I just need to know if the no contact rule is too late to follow now, I honestly do want him back we broke up over a misunderstanding and do love each other a lot. I believe it can be fixed but he doesn’t want to talk to me.

    1. Hi Nikki,

      Well. The good news is you didn’t break no contact, because you never started no contact.

      It’s never too late too get yourself under control, and leave your ex alone for a while to let him think.

      The even better news is, you came to the right place for help. 🙂

      Go read the free breakup survival plan, and sign up for my free newsletter.

      It’s not too late to get your ex-boyfriend back, but, it is too late to talk things over, right now.

      Read the plan, send the recommended NC message, and give your ex 30 days to cool down.

      The no contact rule works, if, you use it correctly.

      Take Care,


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