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Avoid Being Dumped – Top 5 Reasons Your Ex Boyfriend Left You

Avoid being dumped by learning the top 5 reasons your ex boyfriend left you. If you have been dumped this will help you get back together, if you haven’t been dumped this will help keep you together. Now lets get to work getting your ex boyfriend back, or keeping him before he leaves.

Reason 5

The fifth most reason your boyfriend will leave you is because he does not feel comfortable around you. This can be caused by always acting unhappy, and moody, he will view this as being around you sucks. Nobody wants to hang around someone who is dragging them down, right?

Reason 4

The fourth most reason your man will hit the road and become your ex boyfriend is, he can not “see” a future with you. This kind of reflects back to reason 5 but is also caused by never seeming happy with what he does to help you. You have a problem and he tries to help you with it, but he can’t most of the time, he will think there is no future with her…I can’t help this woman.

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Reason 3

To avoid being dumped by your boyfriend you must make him feel attractive, and admired. This doesn’t mean telling him he is, but acting like he is. Men react more to action, than to talk.

Reason 2

The second most popular reason a man will leave a relationship is clinging. A man does not want a woman who always needs something from him, he likes and respects confidence. You could have a killer body but after the sex, what’s left? He has to figure everything out, and you’re probably not happy with most his decisions anyways, right? Avoid being dumped by becoming a confident (not pushy) woman.

Reason 1

The number one reason your boyfriend will dump you is you are always trying to “fix him”. He will feel like he can not be himself around you, and wonder why you ever went out with him in the first place. This is the “kiss of death”, plus if you do not like him the way he is, what are you doing with him anyways?

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  2. I dont totally agree with these reasons. From my recentally experience, I was never to clingy, I never expected anything from him. The only thing I expected was some respect. If you tell me something and dont come through then let me know somehow you cant make it or something happen. Was this to much to ask from someone you are dating and he was the one telling me this. I never once asked him to do anything he didnt want to do. In fact I tested him one time because I wanted to know if he was truly a player, I had my friend call him up and made him think it was a wrong number and he just starting talking to this my friend by ramdom. Well he practically had her coming to his house for sex. When he never asked me to come to his house. After that my friend called him up and said she was a friend of mine and that I heard everything he said. She also told him tell him to f***off. Well later he told me that he was just playing around with her. Stupid me wanted to believe him, I actually didnt beleive him, but I thought I would give it another chance. Because everytime I have tried to break it off, he comes back and is being sweet again. I actually thought it was really funny what I did to proof a point. Men play stupid immature games. Its hilarious on the website he has a picture of himself that was taken over ten years ago. Because when I met him he look nothing like it. I actually think he thinks he is gods gift to woman. Sure I admit I got caught up in it, only because after I kissed him I actually felt some kind of connection. And I still do. The funny thing is he probley knows this. I have went back and recooped everything that has happen from the begining. I admit I persued him based on what his picture was. But when we met like I said I wasnt attracted to him. However he acted like we were dating for years. I dont understand him at all. My friend couldnt beleive it also. She thinks he has a screw loose, I am begining to think that has well. Its funny this guy continues to lie to me I think, When I first met him he was wearing a ring on his finger (Left hand) I instantly told him you are married. He took his ring off and put it on the other hand. He told me he bought this in the bahamas because he liked it. I just let it go, My gut feeling is he is married. He told me he is divorce and his ex-wife fled to mexico leaving her daughter behind, Now he has to take care of her. He insists this is not his daughter. He also tells me he is training for some kind of marathon. Well let me tell you he does not have the body of a marathon man. I just finally realize and it has clicked, This man has been lying to me about everything. I actually think he believes his own lies. Or wishes they were true. The thing is after re capturing what has taken place in the last four months. This entire dating thing is just a joke with him. He will play anyone who will fall for it. I admit I fell for it hard. But I am taking what I have learned about him and applying it to the next guy and if it happens it does I am not looking for it anylonger. I also think I wanted to beleive these things because I really wanted this to work out. But live and learn

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