How To Survive a Breakup


OK, I understand your life sucks at the moment, because your man, or woman, has left you, and, you want to learn, how to get your ex back.

Well, you have come to the right website. Right now, love is kicking your ass…hard.

But, with the right information, and support, you can, and will, kick love’s ass, in the end, sound good?

I cannot promise you, it will be easy. It won’t be.

I cannot promise you, that for a small (or large) fee, I can teach you, how to get your ex back, in 30 days.

I can’t.


Because, before you should even attempt a reconnection, you need to evolve past the breakup (failed relationship), first, and, that takes time, a lot more time, than 30 days.

Sorry for the bad news, but it is the truth.

Do you want to know what else is true?

You have not lost your ex forever…no matter what they may have said, or done.

But, only time will tell, if you can get them back, or, not.

No one wants to be with someone who can not give them what they need.

I will make you one promise, though.

I promise, if you give me your time, and, you are patient enough to follow the plan.

You will win.

You will either get your ex back, and have a great relationship, or you will move on, and realize, that you are happier without your ex.

So, don’t sweat it right now. OK?

It makes no sense, rushing back into a broken relationship, nothing will change that quickly, it never does.

And, if it does, it is usually, for the worse.

You can read a lot about that, by reading, the no contact diaries, in our forum.


If you were both getting, what you wanted, or needed, out of the old relationship, it wouldn’t have ended, right?

So, now, in this moment of panic, do not try to convince yourself, everything will work out, if you just, get back together, again.

It won’t.

What people are not telling you, while they try to sell you, books and courses, is, that no reunion with your ex, will ever last, if you go back to, the same old relationship.

Make sense?

It will later.

Getting over a broken heart hurts, and, you are going crazy, right now, which is to be expected, for, a little while.


You have to listen to me.

You should not make important decisions, like, getting your ex back, while you are going crazy.

Don’t do it.

You will live to regret it.

The first thing you must do, is calm down, and focus.

You’re not alone.

I am here to guide you, and, there are people in our support forum, as well.

People like you, people going through a breakup, and, following the free breakup survival plan.

They want to support you, and only ask, that you support them, as well.

So how long should you wait before making a decision about your broken relationship?

Usually it takes 12 months to fully evolve past a breakup, and, move on from, a failed relationship.

A lot of people get really freaked out when I tell them it takes 12 months.

They want that quick fix “how to get your ex back in 30 days” solution that is for sale all over the internet.

They are afraid, that it will be, too late, after 12 months, have past.

But, will it be, too late?


It will be too late, to resurrect, that old failed relationship, and, that’s the whole idea.

You must bury the old failed relationship…forever.

Let me explain, many of the people that write to me, asking for help, tell me the tale of, how they have been breaking up, and, getting back together, for months, and, even years.

These poor tortured couples, have been in breakup hell, for a lot longer, than 12 months.

So, why not devote 12 months to healing, growing, and evolving, instead of, beating a dead horse, hoping it will come back to life?

Instead of spending endless days, in breakup hell, start your 12 month personal evolution, and, get your life back.

Then, I will help you plan, to get your ex back.

I promise.

You have to become a whole person, again, before you can effectively share yourself, with anyone else, and, that includes your ex.

There are essentially four stages, to your personal evolution.

First, you learn how to get over a breakup, and then, you learn how to get over a broken heart.

These 2 stages, pretty much happen, at the same time.

2 birds – one stone.

After you have gone through these two stages, you will have your life back, again, and, you will be happy and fulfilled, without your ex in your life.

You now have, an “emotionally” clean slate, to start your new relationship, with.

Once you have your life back again, you can proceed to one of the last two stages, learning how to get your ex-boyfriend back.

Or, learning how to get your ex-girlfriend back, whichever applies, to your unique situation.



How To Get Over A Breakup


During this phase of your personal evolution you will learn to accept, and embrace the breakup.

You will accomplish this by using the no contact rule, and sending a very effective no contact message to your ex.

I will explain where you can get this information for free at the end of this article, so make sure you keep on reading.



How To Get Over A Broken Heart


You will start to heal your broken heart as soon as you learn to accept the breakup, which you will accomplish in the first phase.

This will be a long (12 month) process, but not very painful, if you stick to the no contact rule.

The sooner you work hard at getting over the breakup you will ease your broken heart, and it will begin to heal.

This is why it will be very important for you to stick to the no contact rule, and not have to keep starting phase one all over again.



How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back


This part of your personal evolution is totally optional, and will also work for how to get your ex-husband back too.

Even though it is ‘optional’, I am guessing that at this early point of your breakup that you are adamant about getting back together with him, and that is normal.

The process of getting him back is also explained in detail in the free plan that I will tell you about in a minute.



How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back


This phase will also teach you how to get your ex-wife back.

After all, she started out as a girlfriend, didn’t she?

The differences between getting a man back, or getting a woman back are very minimal.

But, if you want very detailed information, I can recommend a very detailed course, to you, that you can buy at your discretion if you feel that, you need it.



Free Breakup Survival Plan


So, where can you find this plan?

The free breakup survival plan can be found by clicking on this link: breakup survival plan, and signing up for my free newsletter.

The very first email (after you confirm your email subscription) will have the link to the free plan on it.

I will also send daily emails for 30 days, “virtually” holding your hand through the first 30 days of following the no contact rule, which are the hardest.

The best part is that I also offer you a free breakup support forum, as part of your personal evolution.

You must follow the free plan, and forum guidelines in-order to become (and remain) a member.

But, if you don’t want to join our forum, you can always ‘lurk’, and gain support by reading the other members personal evolution’s.

I hope you will take me up on my offer for free help and support.



Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?


My name is S. Williams, and I have been helping people since 2008, to overcome breakup pain, and, get their lives back.

I even have an “About” section, that I recommend you read.

I realize the address, of my site, is: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast, but, I “really” teach people, how to get their lives back, not just their ex’s.

If you’re interested in working with me, (and our forum members) to get your life back, join my free newsletter, for access to the free breakup survival plan, and, start getting your life back, today.

The answers you need, to start your personal evolution, are waiting for you, don’t hesitate another minute…come, and get them.

Once, you get your life back, everything else will just start to fall into place…I promise.

If you have any comments or questions, please write them, in the comment box, below.

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Until next time,

S. Williams

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